"We support the vision of Unity Fund"

Jeremy Moss, Michigan State Senator

Jon Hoadley, Michigan State Representative

David Coulter, Oakland County Executive

Dave Woodward, Oakland County Commissioner

Michael Rowady, Chairman, Equality Michigan

Roland Leggett, Democratic LGBTQ Caucus

Jay Kaplan, ACLU of Michigan

David Garcia, Executive Director, Affirmations

Adam Bernard, Chair, GM PLUS LGBTQ Resource Group

Cynthia Thornton, Cand. for State Representative, 7 District

Jody LaMacchia, Cand. for State Representative, 46 District

Kevin Kresch, Cand. for State Representative, 27 District 

Charlie Cavell, Cand. for Oakland County Commissioner

Raylon Leaks-May, Ferndale City Council

Laura Mikulski, Ferndale City Council

Kat Bruner-James, Ferndale City Council

Greg Pawlica, Ferndale City Council

Mike McFall, Hazel Park Council

Julia Music, Community Leader

Jenna Parks, Community Leader

Ann Warner, Community Leader

Carol Jackson, Community Leader

Kendra Komp, Community Leader

Mike Flores, Community Leader

Rolanda Kelley, Community Leader

Mark Besani

Betsy Peters

Jennifer Richmond

Dennis Whittie

Joshua Miller

Ryan Maffesoli

Jannel Mills

Vincent Roncelli

Joshua Gartner

Jacob Allport

Heather O'Donnell

Michelle Moon

Jenna Derrig

Shane Lowell-Queentry

Mark Queentry

David Ignash

Sarah Ignash

Oscar Renautt

Edward Hennessey

Jim McLuckie

Jenny McLuckie

Randy Walker

Robert Bonnell

Sarah Coyne

Tom Coyne

Jennifer Huebel

Robert Huebel

Matthew Buskard

Joey Salamon

Erin Breen

Ben Rubenstein

Rian Brooks

Danae Silvia

Jeffersen Silvia

Matthew John McCormick

Matthew James McCormick

Gar Peterson

Sean Evans

Jared Boot

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