Our 2021 Election Candidates
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Brett Nicholson

Candidate for Pontiac City Council, District 2

“I believe it is my experience as a gay man that incites an undying passion to create equality and opportunity for the people who need it most. As a council person I will ensure the voices of our rainbow family are at the table in an area that has been severely unrepresented.”

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Gabriela Santiago-Romero

Candidate for Detroit City Council

Gabriela is currently the Policy and Research Director at a state-based movement organization. She pushes for statewide policy change that centers community’s basic needs in partnership with multi-racial grassroots organizations in Michigan. 

"Our community is resilient and we always have each others’ backs. Whether it’s putting together backpack drives for the little ones starting school or coming together to support our neighbors that have lost their home to a fire or foreclosure, we show up for each other.""

Denzel McCampbell

Candidate for Detroit City Clerk

Denzel has been involved with numerous social justice issues around access to clean water, paid sick time, equitable development, racial justice, campaign finance reform, and ending partisan redistricting.  He’s committed to fighting for issues rooted in uplifting community and returning power to the people.

Jason Hoskins

Candidate for Southfield City Council

Jason’s experiences in school and with the ACLU helped prepare him to be a key staff member for two state legislators - Former State Representative Rudy Hobbs and State Senator Jeremy Moss.  Working in these offices allowed Jason to gain a breadth of knowledge of state issues and their effect on the Southfield community.  Jason is currently serving as a council person in Southfield

Greg Pawlica

Candidate for Ferndale City Council

Gregg is currently serving as a council person in Ferndale.  The City of Ferndale scored 100 points out of possible 100 points as rated by the Human Rights Campaign’s 2020 Municipal Equality Index Scorecard. Undeniably this is a great accomplishment for the city and for its executive team.  Greg is lifetime supporter of the LGBTQ community with many years of involvement in various LGBTQ organizations

Our 2020 Election Candidates
Kevin Kresch

Candidate for State Representative,

Michigan 27th District

"As an attorney and former legislative aide, I am prepared on day one to be the progressive champion the 27th District deserves."


Berkley - Ferndale - Hazel Park - Huntington Woods

Oak Park - Pleasant Ridge - Royal Oak Twp

David Coulter

Oakland County Executive, candidate for 2020 election

Dave Coulter has always been a leader who listens, builds consensus, and then gets thing done. He’s the leader we need now.  David has a proved track record on LGBTQ policies and resolutions.

Dave’s priorities have been clear from the start: Preserving our great Oakland County economy, and reinforcing diversity, equity and fairness.

Cynthia L. Thornton

Candidate for State Representative, Michigan 7th District

Cynthia educates diverse groups about their civil and workplace rights, teaches LGBTQ cultural competency, advocates for “equitable equality,” builds bridges of understanding, and serves as President of Pride at Work Michigan.  In 2018, she was named Precinct Delegate of the Year and Rebel with a Cause, while she organized the first LGBTQ Committee in the MDP Black Caucus and the first LGBTQ Caucus in Michigan congressional district (the Mighty 14th).

Jody LaMacchia

Candidate for State Representative,

Michigan 46th District

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Brendan Johnson

Candidate for State Representative,

Michigan 45th District

Dennis Whittie

Candidate for 43rd District Court Judge

"As Americans, we are proud of the freedoms we enjoy. I believe it is vital that we protect our personal freedoms and fight to ensure that every Michigander is equally free from discrimination. 


Have the freedom to love whomever we choose.  I will use my voice to fight for the protection of all LGBTQ Michiganders through the expansion of the Elliot Larson law."

"When I'm in Lansing, I'll continue to fight for the rights of all Michiganders regardless of orientation or gender identity.

Expand Michigan’s Civil Rights Act to include protections for the LGBT community. For over 30 years, efforts have been made to attempt to amend our Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to add sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to the existing protected classes within the Act. No Michigander should lose their job or home because of whom they love."

"My public service is extensive, and I have provided community service to all three cities that make up the 43 rd District Court: Ferndale, Hazel Park, and Madison Heights. I have served on various boards, commissions, and campaigns in Ferndale. Notably, I campaigned for the Ferndale anti-discrimination ordinance that added LGTBQ status as a protected class. In Hazel Park, I have been a Hazel Park Schools supporter through various activities and financial support. In Madison Heights, I was a police explorer that returned as an advisor/instructor to mentor youth. I would like to continue in public service as the next 43 rd District Court judge."

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Renee Richer
Rudy Serra

Candidate for State Representative,

Michigan 108th District

An openly LGBTQ candidate, Richer has a personal stake in expanding LGBTQ rights protections across Michigan. She’s paying close attention to efforts like Fair and Equal Michigan’s petition to expand the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity protections.

"As a mother, an educator, and a small business owner, I know how hard we work in the UP to provide for our families."

Scary realities like those for minorities come from misunderstandings about them. That’s why for Richer, developing clear-cut and efficient policy is the only path toward changing them for the better.

Candidate for 43rd District Court Judge

"I was the first openly gay Judge in Michigan history. I am the only candidate with over two years of experience as a District Court Judge. I served on the third-busiest trial court in the U.S. [36th District Court, Detroit]. I was rated “outstanding” by the Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association. This means that I am one the best judges or lawyers available for judicial service, and I have a widely acknowledged reputation for fairness, judicial temperament, integrity, competence and diligence.


I have successfully defended hundreds of LGBT people from wrongful charges. I am the only candidate who has ever presided over a trial. I am the only candidate who has trained five new judges, the only one with a master’s degree in communication, and the only candidate with 27 years of experience as a licensed social worker. Judicial experience, communication skills and social work experience are the most useful things a judge can have."

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